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What People think of Poison Ivy Soap....

Poison Ivy Soap
The following statements were made without any compensation. These customers either snail-mailed or e-mailed letters to us letting us know what a wonderful product they think we have. If you would like to send a letter about your own experience, write to sales@poisonivysoap.com.

I gave a bar of Poison Ivy Soap to a local dermatologist. Now he sends all his patients with Poison Ivy to my drug store to buy this soap.
Gaddy Drug
Muskogee, OK
I didn't think your soap would work, so the next time I mowed the yard (when I always get Poison Ivy) I washed off only my legs, but not my arms! Boy was I wrong! I had no rash on my legs, but my arms were as bad as ever with the rash! Your soap really works for me.
Ken              Sapulpa, Oklahoma
      June 2002
I just wanted to tell you what a great product you have!! I recently got poison ivy so bad that it covered about 75% of my body from my head to my knees. I was trying everything to get some comfort from the itching. I got word from a friend that your soap was in a local store... so I had to go try it. I was a little skeptical at first... but decided to try it. That first night right after taking a shower and scrubbing really well with your soap... I finally got a full nights' sleep. I didn't have an itching spell again all night! I have gotten over it mostly now... and consider your soap a life saver!!
Tonya             Clinton, Arkansas
May 2003
I am having my second poison ivy rash since 8/15/05 and its only 9/20/05. Until we found your soap I was ready to leave his state and move back to Arizona in a hurry. I am feeling immediate relief of itching and the drying is very noticeable after one use. I have tried technu, calgel, iverest, calhist, benedryl, bud-lite, etc. And my last fling with poison ivy was 4 weeks of hell. I think this round may be cut in half and then some. Thank you so much and God bless. I love this state of Arkansas and guess its probably to stay.
Marcie D.             Arkansas
September 20, 2005
Just wanted to drop a line to let you know how much I love your soap. My husband owns a lawn service in AL and he bought some of your soap at the local co-op. I just have to look at poison ivy and I get it. So sure enough I used it on my last break out and it cleared up almost immediately.  I will buy some for my father and my mother who are also very allergic to poison ivy too.
Thanks so much!
Sarah             Decatur, AL
July 25, 2006
In 37 years of being a pharmacist, I have never had so many customers make a point to come back and report to me how well a product works like Poison Ivy Soap.
Mr. Berry
Berry Pharmacy             Kingsport, TN
One of my employees used it, loved it, and recommended it to anyone with a problem. We have had great success with Poison Ivy Soap sales.
Stones Drugs Inc             Mayfield, KY
We have been selling Poison Ivy Soap for three years. We have a money-back guarantee - not one bar returned and many satisfied customers in Springdale.
City Drug             Springdale, AR
I have had so many through the years tell me how well Poison Ivy Soap works, and I know it does.
Bill's Pharmacy             Morrilton, AR
I use it. I sell it. And it sells very well. It works!
Sumners Farmers Co-op
Gallatin, TN
It cured me and I am happy to sell it.
Parts World of Hazen             Hazen, AR
​I have had doctors send people to my store to buy the Poison Ivy Soap bar. They are finding out it works.
Allen's Farm Supply
My customers tell me it works.
Add Drug Inc.             Athens, GA
My customers have all told me how well Poison Ivy Soap works.
Bolivar Farmers Exchange             Bolivar, MO
I have never had someone say that Poison Ivy Soap did not work.
Banner Drug Company             Staeville, NC
My customers are happy to buy the Poison Ivy Soap. It works.
Blake Family Pharmacy             Villeplatte, LA
​Real good product - real good seller - we have done real well!
Waynesville Pharmacy             Waynesville, NC
​Your soap is really selling well here, and we need replacement for our display. Customers have come into our store looking for it from as far away as Roanoke.
It has really worked!!
Linda             Hardy, VA
We have had people come back to buy their second and third bars and they tell us this soap really does work!
Virginia Feed Store             Pulaski, VA
Hi, I decided to try it on my dog when he was itching and nothing else was working. It was great.
Cindy             Clinton, AR

Dear Sir:
I am writing to let you know that your soap with the Jewell-weed tea really worked for me. The week after I purchased the soap, we were cutting brush on a street right of way. The trees were covered with poison-ivy. At the end of the day, I washed with the soap. I just had a couple of blisters on my arm that lasted for 2 or 3 days with out the itch. Once again, I want to say thank you.
Harry Joe E.             Allen, Okla
September 26, 1996​​
My name is Patrick H. and I have tried your soap many times. It works miracles! I'm highly allergic to poison ivy and your soap dries it up every time for me.
Patrick H.
Conway, AR
My daughter is extremely allergic to poison ivy and we were recently given some of your soap. That was the only relief she got, even with steroids.
Thank you,
Debbie T.             Kingston, TN

This stuff really works. I am so allergic to any kind of ivy and break out every time I am outside. I am from Ms. and there is a lot of poison ivy here. My brother told me about it from a Planters Supply store and this is the best. No more steroid shots for me.
Thanks from Mimi in Mississippi
Three days ago, I broke out with a very bad case of poison ivy on my face and scattered lightly on the rest of my body. I have been a registered nurse for 40 years and knew to be concerned with it being on my face. I figured I was going to have to get some help from steroids. I really did not want to go that route. I wanted something natural. My husband and I went to the local feed mill to purchase birdseed. As we approached the door of the mill, I noticed a sign for Poison Ivy Soap. My husband laughed and said, "that is your sign." I took the small sample and purchased a full size bar. When I got back home, I washed my face immediately with the sample. I could tell the difference by the next morning. Today is day 3 of using it twice a day, My face is almost completely healed, no redness and no swelling. Amazing! Thank you for the great product.
Carol E.             Louisville, OH
July 15, 2010
Poison Ivy Soap is the only product that I have bought in twenty years that did what it said it would do, and my customers make me keep it in stock.
Gerald Discount Pharmacy             Gerald, MO

People love Poison Ivy Soap, and I do also because I use it myself and it worked quickly.
Crary Drug             Temperance, MI
I have used Poison Ivy Soap myself for three years. I am proud to sell it and wouldn't be without it.
Weiss Lumber             Perryville, AR
I have had people tell me, "I would not have believed it." Poison Ivy Soap really works.
Boyd & Fulford Pharmacy             Bel Air, MD
One of our employees was the first to use it, and it worked overnight for him. We sell it well with not one complaint.
MFA Agri. Service             Mexico, MO
​I am terribly allergic to poison ivy, and it works on me. We are happy to sell it.
Riddle Farm Supply             Easley, SC
I had one man with infected blisters from poison ivy. He bought the Poison Ivy Soap bar at my store, washed himself twice, received much relief, and in a total of four days, he was OK.
Bobby Lee
Philips Agricultural             Cambellsville, KY
I sold it to a woman a week ago, and she called back the next morning and said "It's a miracle!" She had it all over her body. I am proud to sell it.
Bryant Auto Parts             Bryant, AR
My customers all tell me it works.
Baker Drug             North Little Rock, AR
I have used it and Poison Ivy Soap really works.
Barrow Pharmacy             Statham, GA
We have had Poison Ivy Soap for two seasons. We sell it very well and have had no negative responses at all.
The Hardware Center             Paoli, PA
​We have had a positive response from those who have used it.
Brookneal Drug Comany            Brookneal, VA

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